May 3, 2008

Devils & Angels DVD...

So, as most of you folks who read my blog already know, I'm VERY partial to the Kustom Kulture art scene. It's the art I like to look at, it's the art that I buy, the art I make, etc.... Some of you even remember the Global Art Jam blog that I used to manage, which featured the best Kustom Kulture artists from around the globe. Well that being said, a wonderful slice of Kustom Kulture goodness showed up in my mailbox today.

Low and Loud Production's debut offering, "Devils & Angels" DVD. This 1+ hour long DVD features art and commentary from the likes of: Makoto, Jeral Tidwell, Doug Dorr, Damian Fulton, Mr. G, Jet Wrench, Wish, the Straightjacket Kustoms Car Club, Kim Falcon, the Grand National Roadster Show, Stone, Dayna Delux, Nash and Burnout Magazine, Grimb, the art from the California Screamin' #3 show held at Gasoline Gallery in El Segundo Last year. (heck, you can even see my "Ol' Nasty" bomber panel during the California Screamin' portion of the DVD.) Congrats to Mark Waldman and Nash for this awesome DVD!

Kustom Kulture is very much alive and well and ready to kick your ass with this DVD. Do yourself a favor and go out and snag a copy of it at Gasoline Gallery.

If you're planning on being at Gasoline Gallery for California Screamin' #4 next week, hunt down some of the killer artists on this DVD and have em sign it for ya. Hang out with em, yak it up and check out the killer work they're doing. You won't be disappointed.